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What’s CEO coaching with Sabrina like?

We can help you:

  • Define what it looks like to do your life’s best work and motivate others around you to do the same
  • Gain self-awareness to be direct and compassionate in difficult conversations or difficult relationships
  • Understand your unique leadership style and a plan to tackle your weaknesses
  • Identify your Zone of Genius and perform at your highest level with joy, flow, and ease
  • Create a high-performing leadership team who champions delivery and enjoys working with each other
  • Set up operational tactics that are custom designed to fit your company’s culture


What is the fee?

CEO and executive team coaching: $10,000 per month retainer with a six-month commitment

What’s included in the retainer?

  • One (1) 90-minute 1-1 coaching session each month with the CEO.
  • One (1) 90-minute 1-1 coaching session each month with one exec.
  • One (1) 50-minute group session with the entire leadership team.

This retainer is a good fit for the company that needs to see executive team performance 10x in a short amount of time. I will work with the CEO and the team directly. We will implement operational changes and build trust among peers. Here's what our CEOs are saying after experiencing this coaching container:

I can confidently say that working with Sabrina has been transformative for both me personally and for my company. Her empathetic approach to leadership development has helped me unlock new levels of clarity and effectiveness in my role leading Tribe. Through this journey, we’ve also grown to a team of 85 while increasing our revenue by more than 50%. I wholeheartedly recommend Sabrina to fellow CEOs seeking to drive meaningful change within their organizations.

- Yi Ming Ng, CEO of Tribe

1-1 coaching: $5,000 per month retainer with a six-month commitment

What’s included in the retainer?

  • Two (2) 50-minute coaching sessions each month. You can use that for yourself, as a group coaching session (between you and another team member), or for another executive as an ad-hoc 1-1 session.
  • Ad-hoc support via text and call.

During the coaching process, we will work on a roadmap of performance improvement from three levels:

  1. Personal
  2. Executive Team
  3. Operations, process, and tactics
I’m more present with family and not on autopilot when I’m going home. When I was dealing with very stressful interpersonal issues at work, they didn’t stop at the office door, they followed me home. Coaching with Sabrina has improved my personal life massively. I sleep better, it gives me more energy. It impacts everything.

Professionally, I’m a lot more assertive. I had a lot more fear, and when Sabrina coached me through the fear, I went through with it and realized it was fine. Now I want to try it again and again. I have so much more momentum at work.

- Aidan Corbett, CEO of Wayflyer

What is the evaluation process like if you’re interested in finding out more?

We will schedule complimentary coaching sessions to go over your key business challenges. You will get action items and next steps to tackle your challenges.

Evaluating mutual fit

  • You will get an experience of working with Sabrina so you can decide if this is the right fit for you.
  • Sabrina will also let you know if she agrees to take you on as a client. She will only take on clients if massive value is created.

What is the coaching methodology (aka the steps of client journey)?


We will first define the CEO or executive you are. We will discuss your strengths and areas of improvement. We will separate “how it should be done” from who you naturally are. True effortless leadership is rooted in authenticity. This phase may involve getting feedback from people working close to you.

We will define the biggest problems blocking your business and your personal potential.

You should feel clarity in what you need to work on as an individual and as a company at this stage as a success.


Most of my CEOs feel trapped in their current responsibilities and workflow. We will delegate and simplify what you’re doing. I will hold you accountable to your highest priorities.

I will help you hire key executive team members and coach you to successfully onboard them by creating mutual trust in the first 30 days.

I will coach you to enable your existing team. We may be working on how to create a high performing team (Step by step guide to building high performing teams (15 min). In order to delegate well, the current team must be unlocked to its potential.

You should expect to see more free time and higher output from your company as success at this stage.


We bring your biggest business and personal dreams, then create a plan to make that happen.

For example, one of my clients had a decade-long dream to publish his first book. We work on finding the time, space, resources, inspiration, and support to make it happen. Another one of my client’s business dream is to launch a completely different business line. We work on OKR setting with the team, communication plan, resourcing, and creating time.

At this stage, success looks like actually implementing the ambitious plan you’ve been putting off.

Who is a good fit for Sabrina’s coaching?

For post Series A CEOs and bootstrapped CEOs with over $10m ARR…

You are the head of your organization. You want to achieve your desired impact by doing things the right way and treating people fairly. You care about relationships with your team and your stakeholders. You (at least used to) have fun with your job. You are as ambitious about your work as your drive for balance in personal life. You could be new to coaching, but you’re not new to personal and leadership development. You love feedback and want to be challenged.

Client Testimonials

About Sabrina Wang

Sabrina is the CEO of Evergrowth Coaching for extraordinary leaders of Series A to Unicorn companies. She has quickly grown Evergrowth to over $500K ARR in sales in under 6 months of conception. Evergrowth partners with CEOs, founders, and C-suite execs of best-in-class tech companies. Her clients include CEOs and co-founders of Wayflyer, Synchron, Opswerks, Code States,, Tribe, RevenueCat, and more. Sabrina has also coached partners of YC Continuity, General Catalyst, Left Lane Capital, and Innovation Endeavors.

Before starting Evergrowth, Sabrina was the Head of Coaching at Mochary Method, started by Matt Mochary (top CEO coach for Reddit, OpenAI, Coinbase....). She hired, trained, and managed a team that sold 0 to 3m ARR in under a year. Sabrina is well-versed in the engineering, product, and design side of building a tech company. At Headspace for Work, she worked in product management building B2B SaaS products that reached 1 million users.

Sabrina is driven by her mission to help people achieve high performance and find greater impact. Her coaching is heavily influenced by her mindfulness meditation journey, studying Reiki, energy work, and other spiritual modalities.

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